Fall is here and Halloween is near!

Do you also like all the cozy about Halloween?

Making pumpkin lanterns, which you can place in front of your house and can light op the dark evenings. Now you can make your own pumpkin lantern.

We grow our own pumpkins in various colors and shapes. In front of our farm shop you will be able to find a lot of different pumpkins. We got small ornamental pumpkins, we got large pumpkins which are great for the traditional Halloween lanterns or they can be used for pumksin soup and we got lots of different pumpkins with charme.

In our farm shop you will as usual be able to find lots of goods, such as apple cider, chilli sauce, eggs, jam/marmelade and much more. Right now you’ll also be able to find the seasonal vegetables and different sorts of apples and pears from our own trees.

Welcome to our farm shop!

We wish you all a wonderful autumn!