Visitors garden

Our visitor garden opened in 2014 as a hobby project by Kristoffer Samuelsson. The first two years the garden was in an area between the house and the barn. As the space between the house and the barn became too small and Kristoffer’s interest grew, so began the visitors garden to grow in all direction on the farm. After a while, the entire courtyard, fields, pastures and other gardens have become part of the visitors garden.

Building a visitors garden takes time, but every year a small new part is added to the visitors garden. The garden has not been built according to a special style, but Kristoffer is experimenting with different ideas and solutions. However, there is a pervasive theme with the use of natural stones, which are emerging from the fields around the farm.

You are welcome to explore our visitors garden!

Our visitors garden is even included in the Trädgårdsresan, which you can read more about here.