Birch tree

We have birch trees for sale, which we chop and make for firewood from our own forest. The burner can be purchased in 1000 and 60 liter bags and the length of the burner is approx. 30 cm.

For you who doesn’t need pure birch, we also produce mixed firewood. Approximately 50% of these sacks are birch tree. The other 50% consists of spruce, pine, oak, aspen, ash, willow, rowan and elm in various amounts.

The firewood we had this year is sold out.

1 ㎥/birch tree (not stacked firewood): 1200 kr/pcs
60 L/birch tree (stacked firewood): 120 kr/pcs

1 ㎥/mixed wood (not stacked firewood): 900 kr/pcs
60 L/mixed wood (stacked firewood): 90 kr/pcs

To order firewood, call Stig Samuelsson on 0707 30 81 87.